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© 2012-13 Rivington Riflemen
© 2012-13 Rivington Riflemen
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At Rivington Riflemen, our members are not content to quietly enjoy their sport without putting anything back in to the community. We believe that our policy of educating young people in the safe use of guns instils self discipline that remains for life.

Our participation in Game and Country fairs shows the general public the true nature of the UK shooting community, and helps to dispel the myths generated by the less responsible sections of the media.

Rivington Riflemenís charity fund raising activities speak for themselves.

Our policy of inclusion makes a challenging and rewarding sport available to all, regardless of age, gender, or disability.

Shooting Links

The club has long established links with the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, and regularly run the air rifle section at B.A.S.C young shots days.

Another activity, very popular at Game and Country fairs, is the Introduction to Airgunning display, where the general public can try out air rifle shooting for themselves, under our strict supervision.

Over the years, Rivington Riflemen have built up a close relationship with all the major gun dealers and country pursuit retailers in the North West, this relationship is mutually beneficial, and the dealerships all enthusiastically support our charitable fund raising activities.

Charity Work

Rivington Riflemen has a nominated charity each year, this year it has been agreed to support Derian House. Thousands of pounds have been raised for this and other worthy causes at our annual Charity Shoot and other fund raising shooting based events over the last twenty years.

Community Awareness

Air weapon misuse is a serious concern for the shooting community and society in general.

At Rivington Riflemen we believe that the best way to counter this problem is through education. Statistics show that a young person properly trained in the safe and correct use of guns is very unlikely to offend with one later in life.

Local Scout and Girl Guide groups are regular visitors to the club, coached by members in all aspects of our sport; the children always enjoy themselves immensely.

An inclusive club

Our club strives to be as inclusive as possible, and welcomes shooters of any age, gender and skill level, using any type of air gun as long as it is safe and legal.

Disability is no barrier to membership, in fact we have several senior disabled members and one lane of the indoor range is set aside for those who are less physically able.

The Future

We have recently acquired additional outdoor shooting venues, this will enable the club to fully develop and give our members both existing and prospective the opportunity to experience air rifles in a safe and above all fun environmen.t.


All members undergo a period of probationary membership to enable the committee to ensure that they are safe. We have a strict set of rules, based on common sense principles.

Environmental Considerations

Modern Air Rifles are virtually silent in use, the loudest rifle in use at the club is inaudible at more than ten metres, therefore, noise pollution is not an issue.

The club works hard at being a good neighbour, and discretion is extremely important to us, there are no signs that advertise our presence, and visitors attend by invitation only.

Whilst it is legal to hunt certain classes of vermin with air rifles, Rivington Riflemen have a very strict rule that any member shooting at any form of wildlife at our range will be expelled from the club. There are many rabbits that feed on the land around the outside of our indoor range whilst shooting is going on inside, they do so in complete safety!

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