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2012-13 Rivington Riflemen


The 2017 fees have now been agreed:

Adult  Joining Fee  70
Renewal Fee (before March) 60
Pensioners (Over 65s) 45
Juniors (under 17) Free
Visitors First visit free then 5 per visit.

There are no range fees on either range for members and junior members.

Existing memberships will lapse on the  28th  February.

 2012-13 Rivington Riflemen


We'd really like to meet you, come along and have some fun!

But please do not visit any of our ranges without contacting our Club Secretary first as you may inadvertently place yourself in danger or be at risk of trespass.

New members are always welcome but if you are interesting in joining the club you must contact the Club Secretary prior to your first visit and attend the indoor range first on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening. Safety is our number one priority and we insist that you attend a safety briefing and tour of the facilities before being allowed to shoot..


Since its inception, Rivington Riflemen have grown into one of the countries leading air gun clubs and now boast some of the best facilities available in the North of England. Despite the temptation of high membership fees to fund state of the art buildings and amenities we have managed to strike the perfect balance of affordable subscriptions and a homely comfortable atmosphere throughout our indoor and outdoor ranges. We are a not for profit club and all revenues are used to maintain and develop the clubs facilities. The number one considerations have and will always remain safety, enjoyment and friendship.

We accept any level of marksmanship and choice of air gun but unsafe behaviour will not be tolerated. Air guns must be .22 calibre or below and be under the set UK power limits. You may be asked at any time to test your gun over the club chronograph to prove its power output.

All Ranges are fully insured.

Rivington Riflemen

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